Monday, February 20, 2006

Bush, Inc. to Discontinue American Dream

The American Dream officially ended when Bush, Inc., announced it would no longer produce, market, or sell the American Dream in the United States. “Americans are no longer buying into the American Dream,” said Constance Kennedy-Rockefeller. “People have traded in four-bedroom homes, white picket fences, two-car attached garages, and retirement security for food, health care coverage, bankruptcy lawyers, and video-poker machines.”

According to an in-depth cost benefit analysis conducted by Bush, Inc., sales of the American Dream have seen a dramatic plummet over the last six years. The analysis pinpointed the increase of economic globalization for the sharp decline. “The American Dream has always been a hot commodity among immigrants,” said Cody Wilder, Vice President of Marketing for Bush, Inc. “But the dynamics of globalization have forced us to rethink our marketing and distribution strategies. No matter what formula we use, the bottom line indicates we need to focus all our energy and resources on foreign markets, where the American Dream still has economic viability.”

Bush, Inc. has already poured a great deal of its resources in test marketing the American Dream in the foreign market. Since March of 2003, Bush, Inc. has spent an estimated 250 billion dollars marketing the American Dream in Iraq and hopes, contingent upon shareholder approval, to invest an additional 72.4 billion dollars for the remaining fiscal year. “The American Dream hasn’t had a lot of traction in our target market, Iraq, but we’re confident business will be booming once people see all the benefits. We saw similar patterns in the United States during the 1930s, but thanks to a war, sales of the American Dream mushroomed in the post-World War II market. “We’ve also started promoting the American Dream in Iran. We’re looking to add 85 million dollars to our Iranian campaign and hope to set up full-scale production of the American Dream by year's end.”

The analysis also indicated that sales of the American Dream in the United States leveled off in the late '60s and began bottoming out in 2001 when it was bought out by Bush, Inc. Wilder contends, “The market for the American Dream in the United States has become more savvy, not to mention we’ve had a difficult time breaking customers' misperceptions that people are born with the American Dream and that it is no longer attainable through patience, hard work, and frugality. To help minimize these misperceptions, we’ve increased our promotional vigilance by broadening the scope of lotteries and other get-rich-quick-schemes across the country, but to no avail. We felt discontinuing the American Dream in the United States was our only option. Besides, there are hundreds of untapped markets in the world, and it’s our mission to give everyone a taste of the American Dream.”


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