Thursday, January 26, 2006

What the G**gle!?: Smurf Gets Googled by Google

From Witsend Daily – In less than 7 years, the word “google” has already surpassed the “smurf” word in number of word variations used in the English language. Both words have been used interchangeably as nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, double entendres, and everything in between. The meaning of the word depends on what context it is used.*

The smurf word was introduced into the English language via the Smurfs in their self-titled cartoon, “The Smurfs,” which began airing in 1981. The s-word arose from the Smurf dialect in Smurf Village and is derived from “Schtroumpf”– the Flemish equivalent of the English language colloquial “Whatchamacallit,” which was inevitably replaced by smurf despite the Whatchamacallit Preservation Society’s fervent candy-bar campaign.

Google, the most dominant search tool on the web, surfaced in September of 1998, and has pervaded the English language ever since, not to mention, google has already been translated in 863 languages.

Despite the global surge of google’s usage, Smurf loyalists refuse to give up without a fight. Beth “Smurfette” Hawkins, curator of the Smurfosion Institute in Smurf Village, said, “I’ll be smurfed if I’m going to go down without putting up a smurfing fight. It’ll be a cold day in smurf before I smurf!” Members of “Smurf This!,” a militant smurfist group, has threatened to commit smurficide on the world wide web, smurfing google search engines with their smurf manifesto. The group’s leader, Rebel Smurf, promised a lengthy insurgency on the web, “We’re in for the long haul. This is unsmurfing-believable! In the spirit of Grouchy Smurf, I hate Google. Vive la Smurf!”

Grouchy Smurf: "Kiss my smurf, Google!"

*Top googled examples of google’s usage (context found in):

Domestic surveillance: “Hey Mr. President, go google yourself!”

“Big Brother’s googling you!”

Women’s Rights: “A woman has the right to google.”

The Newlywed Game: “When was the last time you and your partner googled?”

“Where’s the most interesting place you’ve googled?”

Teenage Vernacular: Every misuse of like or thing has been replaced by google.
(e.g. Can I google borrow your cell phone google?)

Catholic Church pre-Seminary Screening: “Have you ever googled, had any thoughts of googling in the past three years, or been googled by a googler?”


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